NATIONAL DAY FLAVOR – Week of August 13 -19, 2017


We’re spicing up the menu this week on National Day Calendar!

We start the week out with National Prosecco Day and National Filet Mignon Day. Some people are drooling already. We have to relax a little (there’s a day for that, too) before we get to National Rum Day and then National Fajita Day.

Yes, desserts are on the calendar, too. We didn’t forget those. Except for National Lemon Meringue Pie Day, there are more ice cream celebrations on the calendar. Summer is a time for ice cream!

Flavor of … Steak

This week on National Day Calendar two holidays feature different cuts of beef that when prepared properly the results create celebration worthy dishes.  While Filet Mignon typically ranks higher than skirt steak, each has its own unique qualities thanks to where it comes from the animal.

Since the filet comes from the tip of the loin and isn’t attached to any bone, it’s both extremely tender and the least flavorful cut of steak.  It accommodates seasoning very well and that’s why it’s wrapped in bacon and seared at high heat to seal in the juices.

The skirt steak is a long fibrous cut found along the belly or girdle of the cow.  Excellent for grilling, this steak should be thinly sliced, marinated and only needs a few minutes on each side before it’s ready to serve.  Don’t over cook or it will be tough.

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