National String Cheese Day - September 20 (1)


It’s time for America to stand together in support of our love for String Cheese. Join us as we celebrate National String Cheese Day on September 20. Whether you call it String Cheese, Snack Cheese or Cheese Sticks…there’s no denying that you call it delicious!   

Pack it for a picnic. Have it on a hike. Pass it out for a team snack. And of course, no lunch is complete without this tasty treat. You’ve got to hand it to String Cheese—it’s the fun, easy and protein-packed food that goes wherever you do! It’s no wonder String Cheese has so much “a-peel” with both kids and adults alike. Usually made with mozzarella, String Cheese melts easily when heated making it an excellent addition to recipes, too.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of String Cheese is deciding how to eat it. Most people go for the classic “peel down and chow down” method—separating each stick into thin strands. (After all, it is kind of fun to play with your food!) Others prefer the “get down to business” approach of removing the wrapper and biting into the stick. (Why wait to get that delicious cheese into your belly?) However, you choose to eat it, get your hands on some every September 20th!


What is your favorite way of snacking on string cheese?  Share on social media with #NationalStringCheeseDay.


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Galbani Cheese founded National String Cheese Day in 2017 to celebrate America’s love of String Cheese.  You can follow Galbani Cheese on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for great snacking recipes and tips.  

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the day to be celebrated annually on September 20. 

National Punch Day September 20


 National Punch Day is observed each year on September 20. While there are several directions this day could go, such as honoring tools used to make holes or a day created to throw a few punches at a punching bag, we will direct you toward the thirst quenching version of the delicious, refreshing drink.  National Punch Day is listed as one many American Food Holidays.

A wide assortment of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, fall into the category of punch.  Often made with a combination of fruit juice and a carbonated beverage, a punch is served at parties weddings and other celebrations in large, wide bowls known as punch bowls. 

Punch was believed to have been introduced by sailors to England via India in the early seventeenth century.   Punch grew quickly in popularity and was soon spread to other countries.

The word punch is a loanword from Hindi panch (meaning five).  The drink was originally made with five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water and tea or spices.  The original drink was named paantsch.

Soft drink manufacturers today distribute many types of “fruit punch” beverages.  Typically they are red in color and despite the name, they only contain a small fraction of actual fruit juice with the major constituents being sugar or corn syrup, citric acid, and artificial flavors.


Make some punch. There are thousands of punch recipes available for you in recipe books and online. Use #NationalPunchDay to post on social media.  


Within our research, we were unable to find the origin of National Punch Day.

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